Most sports are based around the skill of using a bat, racquet and/or a ball of some sort.  But that is not the only skill you need to get an advantage over your opponents.  Contrary to popular belief quickness is also a skill - not a birth trait. Just like all other skills, it must be specifically trained.  This will help you, not only to handle the ball better, but also to get to the ball quicker while maintaining balance.

Acceleration needs to take place in all directions (up, down, left, right, forward and backwards) during ball sports while the player is under pressure.  His/her body must quickly react to a change in direction and acceleration over a short distance.  

To improve this acceleration we apply the FASTER system:

F - First Step Quickness
      Your first step should be in the direction you intend to move in.

A - Agility & Acceleration
      To be able to move quickly and accelerate in the first 5-20m.

S - Stopping & Starting
      Stability and balance plays a big role here.

T - Technique
      Your posture, torso and arm and leg actions should all contribute to helping your    acceleration.

E - Explosive Power
      Using ground forces to propel you forward.

R - Reaction Skills
      Quicker response times ð Quicker acceleration ð Advantage over opponent. 

Carine van der Merwe                       Qualified XLR8™ Bronze Trainer