Acute Injuries

The first 48 hours after an injury is very important. If the correct treatment is given, the secondary damage can be limited, thus shortening the recovery time of the injury.

Acute Neck Injuries

After a neck injury the muscles around the area go into spasm to protect the injured joint. Although you may have a normal x-ray, there can still be micro-trauma to the ligaments and joints (soft tissue injuries).

Advanced Active Stability

These exercises are difficult and is aimed to challenge you to use your new stability in different ways. Quality is more important than quantity, rather do less than using trick movements to complete the task.

Ancle Exercises

Rehabilitation after an ankle injury is extremely important to prevent re-injuries.  Although it is mostly the ligaments that tear, the muscles around the ankle are also injured.

Fast Foot Exercises

Fast foot ladder

Foot Exercises

The foot consists of several small bones, ligaments and tendons of the muscles that control the ankle.

General Stretching

The aim of stretches is to lengthen the muscles at 'n relaxed rate, to prevent any muscle tears with fast movements.

Hand Exercises

Movement of the hand is very important for everyday function.  The hand consists of 27 bones, leading to numerous joints.

Knee Exercises

Knee pain is a common complaint affecting both athletes and persons starting to exercise after a time of inactivity.

Neck Exercises

Neck pain and stiffness are closely related to the position of the head on the neck, and the neck on the thorax.

Neural Exercises

Neural tissue is the collective term used for the nerves and the meninges (connective tissue around the brain and spinal cord) as well as the connective tissue around the nerves in the limbs.

Shoulder Excersises

Shoulder injuries are a common ailment, effecting both young and old. Younger patients usually have an injury due to weak shoulder stabilizers during throwing actions, while older patients usually suffer an overuse injury due to bad posture and wear & tear.

Stability & mobility exercises Beginners

In order to function optimally, we must be able to move from a stable base. Stability can be achieved through using your stabilising or core muscles (the correct way) or through rigidity – using your mobilising muscles as a brace (the incorrect way)

Running injuries

It is hard enough to start exercising so when an injury rears its head it is very tempting to try and ignore it.