Why physiotherapy...

Physiotherapy uses a holistic approach to alleviate pain and restore the natural balance within the musculoskeletal system. Techniques used include massage, myofacial release, mobilisation of joints and electrotherapy. Physiotherapists use their hands to perform most of the treatment, thus facilitating the excretion of endorphin and serotonin - your "feel good" hormones. 

All physiotherapists have a 4 year university degree that includes anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. They are trained to evaluate the patient as a whole and then treat the cause of the problem and not only the symptoms. You may find it strange that treating your back alleviate pain in your feet. 

A typical course of treatments may include:

· A thorough assessment of the biomechanics (the way your body is positioned and moves)
· Massage and mobilisation to help release muscle spasms
· Exercises to correct muscle imbalances
· Electrotherapy to help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief